We host a variety of different events here at ESB throughout the year. Here is a detailed (but not limited) rundown of what we offer.

  • ESB League: Our renown league has existed since Battlefield 4 and has now been running for 10 total seasons. Enjoy Single and Double round-robin Seasons with the best competition Battlefield has to offer. (https://league.esport-battlefield.com/)
  • One Day Cups: You will find us hosting ODC’s on a regular basis both via Battlefy (https://battlefy.com/esb-international) and Glory4Gamers (https://eu.glory4gamers.com/en/).
  • Pick-up Games: Throughout the year you will find us hosting various events which will give new and veteran players alike a chance to meet new people and show their individual worth. The just announced ESB Arena will be your weekly appointment for this.
  • and more!

To find out about the latest events we are hosting, visit the news of the main hub, as each event will have a detailed article explaining everything (https://esport-battlefield.com/news/).