ESB Rules – 5v5 Incursions


As Incursions is the dedicated eSports mode for Battlefield 1, everything that is in the game is allowed. This effectively means there are no restrictions.


  • Giant’s Shadow Redux (Incursions)
  • Sinai Desert Redux (King of the Hill)
  • Amiens Redux (Squad Breakthrough)


Please note: On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the person creating the private match MUST have every player participating on their friends list in order to invite them, and they must be shown ONLINE in their profile settings.


  • Regions: EUROPE / EAST US / WEST US
  • Experiences: Incursions / Squad Breakthrough / King of the Hill
  • Draft Types: BLIND DRAFT
  • Spectators: 4

Please note: Spectator slots can’t currently be fully disabled. Using spectator slots is strictly forbidden and will result in an automatic forfeit of the match.



Attack and Defend
Breakthrough consists of a team of five defending flags from attackers with a limited amount of spawn tickets. Attackers must take the sector’s flag before their spawn tickets run out, else they lose and switch sides for the second half.


Capture and Hold the Flags 
Teams of five start with control of a flag and rush to control the neutral B flag for tickets. – Tickets can also be earned from kills, vehicles destroyed and squad wipes. – The first team to have 10 tickets in a set wins the whole set. The first team to score 8 sets wins the match. – Flag control is linear: Flag B must be owned to capture A or C from the enemy. Hint: All tickets are wiped when one team wins a set, always be aware of your enemies’ ticket count.


Control Key Objectives 
Teams of five battle over the control of one flag in each of the three sectors. Only the control of the sector’s flag awards tickets. The first to ten tickets wins the sector. Match Victory is earned with four sector wins.

1.4.4 BO1 TIES

If your team is playing in a Best of 1 match, and the scores are tied at the end of the match, please use the following methods to determine the winner:

  • Giant’s Shadow: If the scores are tied 7-7, please restart a new match, the first team to obtain 3 points wins.
  • Sinai Desert: If the scores are tied 4-4, please restart a new match, the first team to win 2 sectors wins.
  • Amiens: If the scores are tied, 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 please replay the full match until a winner is determined.

1.4.5 BO3 TIES

If your team is playing in a Best of 3 match and the following situations arise, the match is counted as a tie.

Match IS a tie if:

  • Team A wins first map, Team B wins second map, and the third map is a tie
    • Or any combination of the above.

Match ISN’T a tie if:

  • Team A wins first map, both second and third maps are ties.
    • Or any combination of the above.
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